Hyundai KONA Electric

The Hyundai KONA Electric is a powerful SUV that makes emissions free driving fun and affordable. With fantastic acceleration and excellent driving, the Hyundai KONA Electric is the first electric compact SUV in Europe. With a driving range of up to 449km, the Hyundai KONA electric is a car that offers the best of both worlds. Visit our Monaghan Dealership in Carrickmacross to test drive the eco-friendly Hyundai KONA Electric.


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Electric driving technology

The carefully matched components of the electric powertrain have been engineered to provide excellent driving
characteristics and a practical everyday driving range. The completely new platform of the KONA enables a space-saving
integration of the battery packs without compromising roominess.


Depending on your grid connection at home or the type of fast charging station you have access to,
KONA Electric offers various possibilities and plug types for charging.

Normal charging

When connected to an AC charging station, it takes 9 hours 35 minutes to fully charge the long-range
battery pack. You can also connect to a regular household power socket using the ICCB-cable (in-cable control box)
for a charging time of 31 hours respectfully. KONA Electric comes equipped with a 7.2 kW on-board-charger,
which converts AC power from the wall socket to DC power that charges the battery in the vehicle.*ICCB-cable sold separately

Fast charging

When using a 100 kW direct current (DC) fast-charger station, KONA Electric’s lithium-ion
polymer battery only takes about 54 minutes to charge to 80% state of charge (SOC). If
you connect to a 50kW station, the charging time is 75 minutes.
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